Organizational and technical support of the publication of the journal "Bulletin of the Russian New University" and other scientific journals of RosNOU is provided as planned by the staff of the Editorial and Publishing House of RosNOU (RID RosNOU).


Director of RID RosNOU Pavel O. Milov, Ph.D. of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Law and Process of the Institute of Business Career. Forms the editorial portfolio of all series of the journal, manages the publishing house as a whole, and also carries out operational management of the editorial office of each series of the journal, provides scientific editing of articles and organizes their review, organizes prepress preparation of the journal and its printing, performs control editing of the journal. 

Executive Secretary of RID RosNOU Irina A. Shtyrina. Organizes subscriptions to the journal and its distribution, conducts operational work with authors. Responsible for the documentation support of the publication of the journal. Concludes license agreements with authors. Responsible for the production of the series "Man in the Modern World" and "Complex systems: models, analysis and management".

Specialist RID RosNOU Alina Yu. Fomina. Ensures the placement of the journal in the RSCI and its promotion in the databases of aggregators of digital publications. Maintains databases and the journal's website. 

Editors RID RosNOU (by series) Anna V. Abramova and Yana V. Olina. They carry out literary editing and proofreading of issues of the magazine series, develop rules for the design of articles.

Editors-in-Chief of RID RosNOW (by series) Alexey M. Moiseev and Mikhail Yu. Savelichev. They provide layout and design of the next issues of the magazine, their technical editing, develop typographic layouts of the next issues of the magazine and their electronic versions. They keep an archive of the journal.

Postal address: 22 Radio str., office 305, Moscow, 105005

Phone numbers:

+7(916) 909-73-56 (Director of REED RosNOU Milov Pavel Olegovich)

+7(968) 578-29-89 (Executive Secretary REED RosNOU Shtyrina Irina Aleksandrovna)

Email address: